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  • Excellent Customer Service!
  • Certified Customs Brokers

Exporting Services

Exporting Services

We have the global knowledge to help you export to anywhere in the world, making international borders seem transparent.

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Need to speak with a Glover customs broker?

Services Provided

  • Export Documentation
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Harmonized System Tariff
  • Canadian Export Entry (B13A)
  • Export Permits
  • Consular Invoices
  • Freight and Transportation Logistics
  • Transportation Insurance
  • USA/Foreign Clearance

What does Glover Customs Brokers do for you?

We make it easier for you to trade by doing the work for you. We handle all of the documentation for imports and exports, minimizing costs in the process. For imports Glover is the link between you, the carrier and Canada Customs (CBSA). We examine your documentation and complete any missing information either through you or your vendor. We classify your products according to the Harmonized System (HS) and identify ways to minimize duty or other costs. We work with the transportation carrier to co-ordinate timely release from customs, solve problems and ensure delivery. Whether you import or export goods frequently or occasionally, Glover is a valuable partner on your team.

How does Glover charge fees?

Does Glover provide shipping services?

We have access to full transportation services for your shipments. Arrangements can be made for your goods whether they are travelling by land, air or sea.

What can I import into Canada?

Almost anything can be imported into Canada with a few exceptions. We are experts at facilitating the trade of most products. We work with government agencies to make it easier to trade. Contact us and we will work with and for you to find a solution.

Which Canadian ports of entry does Glover service?

All of them! Glover is connected electronically with the Canada Border Services Agency and can clear your products anywhere in Canada.

Does Glover provide exporting services?

Yes! We assist with all required documentation, file your export entry (B13A) and arrange the shipping of your exports.

How does the Harmonized System (HS) work?

The Harmonized System is an international commodity classification (six digits) developed under the auspices of the Customs Cooperation Council. It is extended to ten digits for imports to serve as the basis for Customs tariffs and international trade statistics. The Harmonized System is based on a fundamental principle that goods are classified by what they are and not according to their stage of fabrication, use, made in Canada status, or any other criteria.

What are Customs penalties and when do they apply?

Glover works with you to minimize unanticipated costs including working with you to avoid customs penalties. Administrative Monetary Penalties or AMPS place the responsibility for total compliance (100% accuracy) on importers, exporters and transportation companies. For an importer there are four main areas to look at: origin, tariff classification, valuation and reporting overages and underages when the quantities received do not match the invoice. For exporters penalties are assessed for failing to file an accurate B13A export entry and for not obtaining required export permits or licenses for goods on the Export control list.

What are Incoterms?

Incoterms is the acronym for international commercial terms. They are the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms which apply to the parties engaged in the contract of purchase and sale. Originally developed in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce they have been revised several times.

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