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About Us

About Us

About Glover

Glover has been a family run business since its founding in 1966. We have been moving with the times ever since, building on our core competency in customs brokerage to develop a wide range of transportation-related services which can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Our clients range from multimillion-dollar organizations that import and export goods around the world every day, to smaller outfits that might need service only a few times a year. Over the years, our firm’s mix of customers has expanded to reflect the changes in Ottawa’s economy, with more technology companies adding to the diversity of our traditional clients. Glover has also branched into consulting, providing guidance on customs regulations to clients across Canada, the United States and Europe. For us, satisfaction is finding trade solutions for clients which benefit their business and foster their growth.

Celebrating 50 years of providing excellent service to our customers

50 Years of Experience

For over 50 years Glover has been moving with the times, building on its core competency in customs brokerage to develop a wide range of transportation-related services which can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Glover serves importers and exporters alike, offering extensive freight and transportation services in addition to full-service customs brokerage and a wide range of international trade consulting services.

Professional Approach

Glover provides fast, accurate, uncomplicated and trouble-free clearance of goods.
Glover’s experienced professionals, backed by a network of affiliates and strategic alliances and supported by fully automated systems linked to Canada Customs through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), help cut through red tape to ensure goods are cleared quickly and accurately, day in and day out, at every major crossing point.

Fostering Relationships

Glover is just the right size. It’s big enough to expertly provide the full range of logistics and transportation services that any importer or exporter – big or small – may require. It’s also small enough to get “up close and personal” to provide its clients a personal service tailored to their specific needs. Larger firms often treat their clients like just so many numbers, but at Glover we partner with our clients to meet their exacting needs.

Testimonial 1

Throughout the many years that we have been working with the team at Glover Customs Brokers to coordinate our imports and customs they have consistently provided high quality and highly responsive service with great attention to detail. We have never had a problem with a shipment and they have always been there to help us with any special requests. (Food and Beverage)

Testimonial 2

We have been a customer of Glover for over 20 years. Their service in both exports and imports has been second to none. We have grown our international business thanks to the seamless service that Glover has. Thank You Glover (Industrial Client)

Testimonial 3

We have been a client of Glover for the past ten years and when trade was black and white and quiet we were very happy with the service we received. Now that trade has become gray and very noisy, we are especially grateful to have Nancy-Lee and her team watching our backs.

Testimonial 4

The whole team is professional and always a pleasure to work with. Their responsiveness is second to none and they are so organized and responsive; which is important as importation can sometimes feel stressful, but never with Glover!